Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18th Update :)

Hey guys! This week was the first week of my sophomore year in high school! Everything went really well and I actually like my classes. I have Marching Band, Geometry, English Honors, and Biology Honors. My teachers are awesome and I have friends in every class. My family is always asking me, "how is school, do you like it so far?" Well here is your answer. Just last night I had a party with my church friends. It was super fun. We walked to the park, played twister, play Just Dance 3, and threw Starburst at each other. Just like any normal teenage party right? Also yesterday, my sister and brother-in-law arrived here. We are going to be hanging out this weekend and I'm pretty pumped for it. Right now my dad is finishing up the shed we are building, putting together, in our backyard. Its pretty spiffy. Well my older sister just moved out and is now in Utah and is going to be starting college soon. Weird, right? I am now the only child living at home in my family. Its really freaking me out actually. So soon I'll be moving to her old room downstairs, which I'm really excited for. Well this has been my longest post ever, for sure. Lets add a picture to it...lets see.... Well this is a picture from when my friends and I, for a church activity, went to the park and, there is really nothing for me to say about this. I'm just odd. Now you are all caught up on my life. So peace out girl scout!


  1. how is school sarah? do you like it so far? just jokin. You look pretty cute in this pic. And I love your blog.

  2. Why thank you Ash. Yeah i really like that pic. Except for my teeth. And school is okay...